Timers - time everything

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Optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.
Requires iOS 8 or higher.

Time everything

Keep multiple timers
Add as many timers as you need. So there is no more need to use and change the timer in the clock app.

Precise timing
Some things need precise timing. Like tea. With Timers you can get notified when your tea is ready and at it's best after 3:15 minutes.

Personalise your timers
Name your timers and assign an image for fast and easy use.

Easy to use

Timers - time everything. Easy to use by offering only what a timer really needs.

Quickly access the timer you need
Timers are easy to find by their name and image you assigned to them.

Minimal user interface
The interface is reduced to the essentials. No need for explanations.

Optimized for mobile users.
The UI is optimized for use on any iPhone or iPod Touch device.

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